Beer saloon

Salón Piva (Beer saloon) – prezentation of craft brewery in form of beer tasting

Let us invite you into a great community of real beer!

 We would like to invite you to exhiibition of Salón Piva, on the 13. – 15. april 2016 in Bratislava, Stará tržnica.

The Aim of Salón Piva exhibition is to present traditional craft brewed beer as a beverage with its own story, value, exceptionality and point out to its particularity and different types of beer.

We would like to teach visitors of this exhibition to understand the way of serving and drinking beer, how to combine different beers with different kind of meals etc. Briefly to promote value of traditional brewed beer to the level, which it is deserves. Salón Piva in Stará tržnica is presentation of craft brewery in form of tasting.

Customers and guests will buy the ticket at the entrance, which includes glass for tasting drink (tasting 1 or 2 dcl). Beer tasting will be paid by tokens. The tokens will be sold exclusively by organizer of exhibitions.

More information will be available in web page


Bratislava CARD

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