CELLO and DANCE Bach and Improvisations

Improvisational project of Hungary – Slovak duo will present inspirational music and dance variations based on the 1st suite for solo cello by Johann Sebastian Bach, Josef Lupták musical improvisation and dance improvisation and choreography by Hungarian artist Krisztian Gergye. The project successfully premiered at the festival Arcus Temporum in Hungarian Pannonhalma, and later at the Convergence in Bratislava, Košice and at the festival Pohoda.
1. J.S. Bach Prelude – Prelude (from Suite n.1 G dur, BWV 1007)
J.Lupták – convergence 1
2. J.S. Bach Allemande
J.Lupták – convergence 2
3. J.S. Bach Courante
J.Lupták – convergence 3
4. J.S.Bach – Sarabande
J.Lupták – convergence 4
5. J.S.Bach – Menuett I and II
J.Lupták – convergence 5
6. J.S.Bach – Gigue
J.Lupták – Three in One
7. J.S.Bach Prelude

Concert is placed on Nádvorie sv. Jána Nepomuckého

More info: www.bagoclassical.sk

Bratislava CARD

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