The Children’s Workshop of the Museum has a future – Wandering About with Mr. Marquart

The Children’s Workshop of the Museum has a Future in the years 2016 – 2017 by launching the new “–Wandering About with Mr Marquart” project. The project aims to raise public awareness on regional history in the capital, where potential visitors of the exhibition are living or visiting. The leisure family program will fill a Saturday afternoon. The nature of the program is a walk through today’s Bratislava and its comparison with the city in 1765 when the artistic styles of the baroque and rococo were governing.

Workshops will take place after the walks and be supplemented in the Children’s Workshop of the Museum has a Future, aimed at modeling the town from clay, “modeling what we have seen and heard” and the subsequent creation of an interactive tool called “A Game according to Marquart’s Plan”.

Time for walks and workshops, 14:30

13.02.2016                 Old Town Hall/project introduction 

12.03.2016                 University Library

16.04.2016                 Fortifications

21.05.2016                  Notre Dame/Night of Museums Galleries – who was Michael Marquart/studio in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall

01.06.2016                 program on the fortifications, Old Town Hall courtyard, Matky Alexie Elementary School

Children’s meeting with Mr. Marquart

11.06.2016                  Michael’s Tower and the U červeného raka Pharmacy/within the citywide program, “Old Town Hall belongs to Children” with a workshop in the Old Town Hall courtyard

15.10.2016                 Apponyi Palace

12.11.2016                 Primatial Palace


Bratislava CARD

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