The City in a Studio / The Studio in a City


The exhibition is dedicated to one of the most important figures of Bratislava’s photography– Eduard Nepomuk. Kozics and focuses on the aspect of documenting the life in the city, mainly in the second half of the 19th century. The work of Eduard Nepomuk Kozics (1829-1874) and the photographic studio of his children has a special place in the history of visual culture in Slovakia. It belongs to the works of the most respected Central European photographers of the 19th century (e.g.. Andreas Groll, Alexander Seik), mainly due to the experimenting with colour photography (chromophotograpy).

Studio Kozics became a documentator of life in the city for more than seven decades (1854 -1926/1929). It records and visualises the figures of individuals – inhabitants as well as visitors of the city, architectonic monuments, streets, squares and the surrounding landscape.

Bratislava CARD

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