Jean-Michel Jarre

One of the most successful electronic music producers Jean-Michel Jarre issued in the last months two new albums. He plays them as well as his worldwide known classic songs at the Electronica World Tour. Bratislava is on the tour list.

Jean-Michel Jarre is one of the few very influential musicians, which significantly contributed to forming modern electronic music. He was literally going the path from home recorded albums to open-air megaconcerts with millions visitors.

The recent two albums Electronica 1: The Time Machine and Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise is based around cooperations with many known musicians such as Air, Moby, 3D of Massive Attack, Gary Numan, Laurie Anderson and many more.

Zimný štadión O. Nepelu (Ice Hockey Stadium), Odbojárov 9, at 20:00

Bratislava CARD

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