Jiří Kolář – The Legend of World Collage

Bratislava City Gallery invites you to exhibition  Jiří Kolář – The Legend of World Collage.

Exhibition Jiří Kolář – legend of world collage presents a selection of works from the artist’s peak production, from the period 1964-1997.  It was mainly his fine art work which gained international fame. Kolář´s poetry is not of less quality, but for language barriers not easy to communicate. It is a hard nut to crack for a translator. He succeeded with collages in which he used not only all known means and techniques but he invented many new. Thanks to his outstanding talent and unbelievable diligence but also modesty and discipline from a bakery apprentice and joiner from Kladno he became one of the most famous and in the world most valued Czech fine artists.


Tickets: € 4.50 / person (seniors € 2)

Find more information here.

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