Nomadic Arts Festival ’16


Nomadic Arts Festival 2016: Neighbourhood and Territory is an event full of culture and specific performances, focusing on the local community around the A4 cultural centre in the area between the streets Šancová and Karpatská.

The festival brings forward the topic of neighborhood and is a study of territory, where local as well as international artists work with local inhabitants, initiatives and NGOs, to concentrate on the question of the relationship of home and our social and environmental roles in the surrounding.



Skrat Theatre (SK)

Brian Connolly (N-IRL)

Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell (N-IRL)

Johannes Deimling (D)

Kirsten Heshusius (NL)

Mads Floor Andersen (DK)

Jonas Gruska (SK)

Jurgen Ren (A/SK)

Slavo Krekovic (SK)

Michal Huštaty and Dušan Martinčok (SK/LUX)


Bratislava CARD

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