Standart Festival

Standart Festival is an event devoted to bringing together our favourite people, brands, baristas, and bartenders. Standart is about exactly this—we want to showcase all those things we like best, and all those people whom we admire most, in the specialty world. We believe that all things specialty should inform and set the standard, not exist solely for the elite, industry professionals, geeks, and the informed.

Coffee, Design, Cocktails. They make up our signature. Standart Festival is divided into three equal parts that come together in a very special way, creating a genuine synergy. Not ‘just’ a coffee festival, not ‘only’ a bar show or a design conference, but a festival of specialty, a showcase of our standards.

Date: 12. 3. 2016, 10.00am
Place of event: Sheraton Hotel Bratislava
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