Old Town Carnival

City district Bratislava-Staré Mesto prepared the Carnival parade together with a family center Prešporkovo. The parade will start from the Hviezdoslav Square at 10.00 and continue through the streets of the historical centre to the Zichy Palace on Venturska Street. There will be entertainment program for children.

All residents and visitors will have an opportunity to see Carnival customs at 12.00 pm on Hviezdoslav Square, enjoy folk festivals and taste pork specialties or traditional carnival goodies such as donuts or less known fánky.

Old Town Carnival will culminate by burying of the bass at 17.00.


10:00 Carnival parade with family center Prešporkovo from Hviezdoslav Square to Zichy Palace in Venturska Street

10:30 Entertainment morning on Shrove way, Zichy Palace, Venturska Street 9

12:00 Carnival customs, folk festivals, feast, Hviezdoslav Square

17:00 burying of the bass, Hviezdoslav Square

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