The first international World Music Festival features attractions from the local scene and guests from abroad. On Saturday evening the world’s top talent – Zohar Fresco from Israel and Greece’s Christos Barbas, French duo Kevin Seddiki and Bijan Chemirani as well as the ten-member Corcovado Salsa Club – will be playing at the Ateliér Babylon studio. In addition to the concerts, Bratislava residents and visitors can look forward to events for children and young people, dance workshops, a street show, discussion on intercultural dialogue and an international colloquium. Admission to most events is free.

The WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL BRATISLAVA offers concerts with both international stars and groups from Slovakia. In the Main Square (Hlavné námestie) you can listen to concerts featuring the Zuzana Homolová Trio, Rusín Čendeš Orchestra, Mojše Band, Balkansambel and La3No Cubano.

The festival also includes program free for children and the general public at the Véčko Club.

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