The Barbarity of Torture / Replicas of 16th- 18th century torture devices

Visit the touring exhibit on the Barbarity of Torture / Replicas of 16th-18th century torture devices in at the City History Museum in the Old Town Hall

The Barbarity of Torture is the name of an exhibition from Poland that has been on tour for some time, produced by Araneus and Sebastian Wadycki. The exhibit has already appeared in several countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Croatia and Romania). It presents 54 replicas of torture devices and instruments that appeared between the 16th and 18th centuries. They were made from the original plans, illustrations and historical documents found in Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries. Among the items on display are the “Virgin of Nuremberg” (better known to English people as the “Iron Maiden”), the Cradle, chastity belts and racks. These three-dimensional exhibits are accompanied by contemporary illustrations and comprehensive explanatory texts.

Exhibit curator Mgr. Zuzana Francová has added to the collection replicas from Poland of the original items related to medieval justice for the Museum of the City History.

The atmosphere is highlighted by unique and well-preserved prison dungeons and a glimpse at medieval life.


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