Bastion Pub

Bastion Pub offers one of the widest ranges of draft beer from several renowned breweries across Europe as well as from small craft breweries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Bastion is situated at the junction of busy city thoroughfares.

The retro building constructed during the period of the former regime acts as a market during the day. The pub rather than a club lined with solid wood offers over 300 seats. If you are not in Bratislava for the first time and you are not exactly the disco type, take your buddies to Bastion to a rock or folk concert. While the sound here is not the best, the atmosphere is usually friendly and homey.

The specialty of the pub is a particularly wide selection of beers, including Belgian specialties, complemented by a typically pub-like, calorically generous kitchen. Local bands, which can serve as a counterweight to the clouds of smog billowing on the guests sitting on the terrace from the road, play music every Friday and Saturday.

The total offer is 14 kinds of draft beer, including specials and at least one guest beer that changes every month. The classical pub cuisine including specialties is also regularly updated. The live concerts every Friday evening are already a 15-year tradition.
In summer, the Bastion Pub operates a summer terrace with a capacity of 180 people, also with a wide selection of beer, including beers appropriately selected for the summer months.

Bratislava CARD

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