Batelier is an offbeat cocktail of cultural infl uences with discernible imprints of London, Berlin or Paris, all mixed in with some Slovak ingredients. This fresh indie hang-out is a popular choice of those tired of ‘blingy’ cookie cutter discos. Batelier is defi nitely low-brow, scruffy and shabby, with unpretentious young crowd to boot. The interior incorporates rough street art aesthetics and there’s a chillout-zone with second hand sofas. Drinks are served in plastic cups and are keenly-priced. No real genre confi nes for music are to be found here: there are regular reggae parties, African or Balkan beats, folk and world music, plus some really weird music acts from all over the world. Batelier gladly embraces darker alternative scene as well. The menu at the bar is super simple: basic drinks, spirits and beer. What else could you wish for? Well, you can join the merry groups of smokers in the tiny park outside, if that’s your thing. No judgements here.

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