Elam was founded in 1982 by campus students themselves and is the last one standing out of all the former uni’ clubs in Slovakia.

The place is still run by students, who strive to maintain the cultural variety of the place – there are movie nights, improv theatre, discussions and newbie bands are more than welcome to perform. Weekends are dedicated to wild topical parties, and the themes vary just like the musical genres – from oldies to rock to electronica. There’s a terrace open in the summer packed with students sipping beers and the legendary soda Kofola (local “Coke”). Elam is of course full of young people, Slovak and international, as well as some older afi cionados of fresh-faced female beauty (a.k.a. ‘the lurkers’). Elam’s prices reflect students’ means (and the already low price tags are subject to occasional discounts and happy hours).

Bratislava CARD

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