Brainteaselava Escape Room

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Can you escape from the clutches of secret police?

Fun, thrill and triumph, experience these amazing feelings. Will you be able to solve all the puzzles, understand clues and uncover all secrets?

You’ll find yourself in the apartment of a State Service officer from the 1970s. Your task will be to accomplish a secret mission and escape from the apartment in under 70 minutes. You can participate in groups of 2 to 5. In order to succeed, you must solve various non-traditional tasks focused on your team’s attention to detail, cooperation, and street smarts. Can you make it?

The story of the game is set in history of Bratislava so while playing you get in touch with historical items, machines or people. Si in fun form you will find out also interesting fact about Bratislava history.

How to get out?
Explore the room carefully, reveal the meaning of seemingly useless items and put all the information together. Solving every puzzle gets you closer to your goal of escaping and everything starts to make sense. If you get stuck, we will be there to help you.
There are lots of details to be noticed, so share all your ideas and observations with your teammates. Only a cooperating team has a chance to escape. As the time is running out and adrenaline rising, cool head is your best friend.

Ideal also for teambuilding
How well do you know your colleagues? Have fun completing unconventional tasks and demonstrate the strength of your team. Show everyone that you know how to communicate, solve problems collectively and think under pressure.

You can find in historical centre at 2, Obchodná Street. More info and our booking form you can find on

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