The music spot Hlava 22 (Catch-22) hosts sophisticated jazz, rock and Latino concerts and it’s earned its reputation over many years. Yes, the name of the club comes from Joseph Heller’s cult novel. This underground, spacious bar located slightly outside the city centre stays open until midnight and until 3AM during the weekends; and is usually very friendly towards your wallet. Although there is enough room downstairs, Hlava 22 is no dancing place. The clientele are grown-up and take their music seriously. You can sit down at the simple café-style metal tables, appreciative head nodding and clapping is strongly encouraged. The mood is always relaxed; you can have a glass of wine while listening to a local or foreign jazz number, marvelling at the walls and ceilings adorned with musical instruments and somewhat bizarre sculptures. Should you get hungry, eat someplace else – Hlava has a deal with a nearby pizza joint but they sometimes “forget” to deliver.

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