Loft can be found in a former factory and the industrial feel is well preserved in the current décor of the club. An architect’s expert touch helped create a high-end concrete space with truly unique atmosphere. Loft operates mainly in the cold months, after its outdoor twin ‘Pláž pod Ufom’ closes for the season. This is a club where real music stars come to play. It hosts parties, live concerts and fi lm events, inviting all kinds of music genres from every corner of the world and thus attracting concert fanatics in herds. Don’t worry about dress code – you’ll feel as cool as it gets in this chic urban spot. Once inside, join the happily jumping crowd on the fl oor or the urban socialites relaxing in the comfy sofas of the chill out zone. The atmosphere is laid-back, still, there are some rules to observe: there are no waiting staff (you’ll need to get your drinks from the bar) and smoking is only permitted outside. Finally a chance to practice your chat-up lines on beautiful strangers.

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