Atelier Babylon, tucked in a narrow street behind the oldest McDonalds in town, it exudes the elegance of an a movie theatre with an alluring oldschool charm – it resides in a former cinema which shut down a long time ago.

Rockers want to party, too! Yet not all the rockers fancy seedy, shabby drinking dens.

Bastion Pub offers one of the widest ranges of draft beer from several renowned breweries across Europe as well as from small craft breweries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Bastion is situated at the junction of busy city thoroughfares.

The Art and Music place in Slovakia.

A place for ‘outcasts’ feeling strange in any kind of subculture.

There’s no choice for this club, but to copy the big style of British rock legends.

The building in which Café Studio is located has a very rich history. It was built in 1886…
Our club is situated on square named Zupne namestie, near Michael’s gate. Channels is open 365 days per…
Dance club, seeking to cater to a more upscale clientele. They play mostly house and dance music spun…

Elam was founded in 1982 by campus students themselves and is the last one standing out of all the former uni’ clubs in Slovakia.

Bratislava CARD

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