Pláž pod Ufom

This charming open air bar, operating during warmer months only, offers a great view of Danube, plenty of sexy vibes, decent food, quick-footed staff and most importantly, a very good sound-system. Pláž pod Ufom (“Beach under the UFO”) on the river bank is a god-send for the local land bound summer lovers and is well known for its great parties under a starry sky. The open air setting (only part of the bar is covered) has its understandable cons: given its exposure to the Mother Nature and her whims, Pláž sometimes has to cancel a party shortly before the arranged start. The club has a tropical island feel and dancing gets carefree and wild well before midnight. In the summer you’ll hardly fi nd a better place to hang out: sun beds, fresh salads and sizzling meats from the grill, wicked cocktails and the majestic scenery on the other side of Danube make for a great city holiday chill out spot. The music is well taken care of by a large number of resident or visiting DJs and occasional live music performances, with good looking young crowds dancing to Latino or hip-hop beats until early morning hours. How to get to Pláž? It’s easy – cross the bridge (with the UFO on it) from the Old Town toward Petržalka district. Taking a bus or a cab is not really worth the hassle because it’s a really lovely walk.

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