Savor the heavenly peace and quiet of the forest and breathe in the energy it generates. Spend a night in a treehouse and enjoy the unusual experience as all your senses take in the natural surroundings and you gain a deeper understanding of t life in forest.

Staying in a treehouse, where you feel the energy of the trees passing through it, listen to the sounds of the forest and observe life at the treetops while awakening in the morning to the sight of the surrounding countryside, is an incredible experience. This is the perfect way to escape the daily bustle, clear your mind, sit back and mediate.

The treehouse is situated in Kačínská Dolina above Kačín Cottage and accommodates anyone interested in spending the night in a natural setting.

The treehouse is furnished with a grand double bed and a separate bed, all with duvet covers and sheeting. It is also heated and in addition provides remarkable design elements, including a dry toilet and water in tanks for washing. The treehouse sleeps a maximum of three, including children. The price for one night is € 100. Reserve a night by sending a binding order to info@ba-lesy.sk . The treehouse has been open for stays since October 10, 2016.

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