To say this place is legendary would be an understatement. This bohemian bar singlehandedly raised whole generations of Bratislava‘s café-lurkers and partygoers, feeding them hot post-hangover soup, endless lines of shots, and salmon on everything. If these walls could only talk!

Verne is designed as a whimsical retro living room with old school wallpaper and vintage furniture. The bar staff can be a tad on the impatient side, don‘t be discouraged though – if you want to experience the ultimate hub of local creativity, Verne is your home out of home! Its close proximity to the Academy of Fine Arts ensures a constant influx of artsy people, buzzing with festive vibes till late at night. The food‘s not really haute cuisine, but it‘s decently tasty and keenly priced, which is a godsend in this ‘hood. Spaghetti and light salads are menu staples, traditional Austro-Hungarian homemade dishes are served as lunch specials. Warm weather enables the outdoor terrace to come to life big time: it is non-stop ram-packed with wine-sipping patrons; with tons of kids and dogs as a fun bonus.

Bratislava CARD

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