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Bratislava, under the original name of Pressburg, has been known for centuries mainly as a town of vineyards, winemakers and beer joints. But the other part of Europe’s “drinking culture” – brewing – did not lag behind either. The Burgess Brewery (Meštiansky pivovar) was founded in 1752, a joint-stock company, which fell victim to construction of the SNP bridge in 1968. In 187x, the Stein siblings founded the eponymous brewery, which, however, ended its activity within the overall ownership changes in Slovak brewing after 1989.

However, these changes positively affected overall gastronomic culture and offer. New, smaller, but also very large restaurants and pubs opened, which care about the attractiveness of the environment, the level of cuisine, as well as the range and quality of draft beer, still very popular in Slovakia. In recent years, following the example of Germany and the Czech Republic, microbreweries that brew beer only for their own consumption at the pub began to appear, and so brewers can tinker with their quality and uniqueness. Of course, in overall production they are no competition for the world’s beer giants, who own most beer production in Slovakia, but mean joy for all lovers of this ancient beverage. Bratislava is now a “velehrad” of beer culture, therefore we invite you for a walk through its breweries!

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Bastion Pub offers one of the widest ranges of draft beer from several renowned breweries across Europe as well as from small craft breweries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Bastion is situated at the junction of busy city thoroughfares.

Enter the true Beer Palace! Right in the historical heart of Bratislava, a few steps from Hviezdoslav Square, there is the Beer Palace for you. You will enjoy the best beer, the most delicious food from regional and international cuisine, and lots of fun.

Where good beer is brewed, the cuisine they ‘brew up’ must also be good. This small local brewery follows on in the tradition of the wellknown city brewery called “Die Bürgerliche Brauerei”, producing beer with state-of-the-art technology accompanied by a selection of meals prepared using traditional Presburg (Bratislava) recipes. Creamy beef sirloin, dill sauce with dumplings,pork knuckle, goose and many more local delicacies accompanied by the fresh aroma of hops all around, is the kind of gastronomic experience you can expect at this three-floor establishment.

A place where your soul will be delighted on the waves of the most delicate tastes, which combines the touch of bitter beer-brewing alchemy and the dainty appetite of Slovak and Czech gourmandise.

Kozia Brána restaurant offers your favorite traditional Czech cuisine, beer and good quality coffee. The interior of the restaurant…
Good things in life are worth it. And for a person to enjoy them, they should do them…

The Manor Inn prides itself with a permanent offer of 6 Belgian, Slovak and Czech craft tap beers.

Visit our Monastic brewery - the part of Bratislava Flagship Restaurant.

Right in the center of the Old Town of Bratislava we have opened a unique company with an…

How about this as a definition of heaven: excellent local beer, low prices, long opening hours.

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