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Easter in Bratislava

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in Slovakia. Easter symbolizes life, strength and fertility. All this was in minds of pagans associated with the arrival of spring. For Christians, however, Easter is primarily a symbol of the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The 40-day fast before Easter is associated with the suffering of Christ. During fasting, Christians should not indulge in entertainment, alcohol, smoking, and they should also avoid meat.

The opening hours of some of the sights, museums and galleries are changing during the Easter. You can find the information on changes below. 

Easter in Slovakia typically consist of five Easter days:

Maundy Thursday – in the past, cattle was allowed to graze the land for the first time after the winter. People consumed green meals such as spinach, chicory or common nettle.

Good Friday – people swam in a stream to be healthy all year round. Girls washed themselves on this day to maintain their beauty.

Holy Saturday – the day was spent by preparing ceremonial meals, especially ham or lamb. A new fire was symbolically lit in households.

Easter Sunday – is the most holy day commemorating the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Meals were brought to the church to be sanctified at the Holy Mass and girls painted Easter eggs.

Easter Monday – boys visiting girls to pour a bucket of water over them or throwing them into the nearest creek (typical for Eastern Slovakia) or strike them with long thin decorated twigs or switches (typical for Western Slovakia). It was said that thanks to this tradition girls remained beautiful and healthy for the rest of the year. For their effort boys got some snacks and Easter eggs. This tradition is still up to date, especially appreciated by boys and men.

What to do in Bratislava during Easter

Easter in ÚĽUV

You can enjoy craft demonstration – decorating Easter eggs using wires with Marta Mesárošová and knitting the whips with Ján Petruško. You can try decorating the whips using wires with your own hands in the creative workshop. You need to sign up for this workshop because the number of places is limited. Do not hesitate and sign up today!

Decorating Easter eggs with wires
12 P.M. (noon) – 2:30 P.M.
Whips knitting
3 P.M. – 6 P.M.
Entry is free.

Decorating Ester eggs with wires:
2 workshops, first starting at 3 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. and the second at 5 P.M. – 6:30 P.M. in a leather workshop
Duration of the workshop: 1.5 hours, price: 15 €; max. no. of people: 8

Sign up at: mikusiakova@uluv.sk or 0908 795 059

Date: 26th March 2018, 12 P.M. (noon) – 6:30 P.M.
Place: Obchodná 64

Easter market at Fresh Market

Come to experience the magical atmosphere of Easter and buy real home-made food. Apart from Easter delicacies sellers’ offer also cheese, milk and dairy products from cows’ and sheep’s milk, special string cheese (korbáčik), honey, poppy, nuts, lamb, game meat, meat from a special kind of pig (mangalica), rabbits, meat products, organic food, apples, fruit juices, wine.

Do not miss out on traditional snacks, delicious Easter cakes, Easter eggs (hand painted), whips and craft products.

Programme – Smoked meat (only on Wednesday, 28th March 2018)
Starting 11:30 A.M.: Manufacture of smoked neck using traditional techniques – the whole process of marinating, drying, smoking.
Starting 12:30 P.M.: What is Easter ham and how to use it?
Starting 1:30 P.M.: How to prepare a traditional Easter filling?
Starting 2:30 P.M.: We will show you how to quickly prepare a baked stuffed bread for whippers.

Craft products

  • whips
  • Easter eggs (ÚĽUV)
  • Glass eggs (ÚĽUV)
  • Candles in the shape of an egg
  • Wooden products (ÚĽUV)
  • Wicker baskets (ÚĽUV)
  • Rag dolls (ÚĽUV)

Entry: free.

Tuesday 27th March, 2018 between 10:00 A.M and 6 P.M.
Wednesday 28th March, 2018 between 10:00 A.M and 6 P.M.
(Smoked meat: 11:30 A.M – 3 P.M.)
Thursday 29th March, 2018 between 10:00 A.M and 6 P.M.
Place: New Fresh Market at Rožňavská 1A, Bratislava

Visit the Blue Church and enjoy the traditional Easter in the Christian spirit

This most attractive Art Nouveau building is officially known as the Church of St. Elizabeth, commonly referred to simply as the “Blue Church”. The school on Grössling Street was also built in this style (also known as the Hungarian Secession or Art Nouveau). Both buildings were built at the beginning of the twentieth century (the church was consecrated on October 11, 1913) and designed by the architect Ödön Lechner (Edmund Lechner) from Budapest.

Easter concert at St. Martin’s Cathedral

The Slovak Chamber Orchestra and the Choir of St. Martin’s Cathedral led by Ewald Danel, a long-term member of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, and the chorister Ján Miškovič will perform at the special Easter concert.

Place: St. Martin’s Cathedral
Date: 25th March 2018 at 3 P.M.


Easter on the board of Prešporáčik

Get to know Bratislava in spring and spend a nice time on the board of Prešporáčik. During the Easter we drive since 9 AM until 5 PM.

Tour4U wishes you a happy Easter!

Easter Special in Falkensteiner hotel

Spend your Easter holiday this year a bit different and enjoy wonderful spring atmosphere in Bratislava.  (30.03. – 02.04.2018)

With us you will enjoy: 2-night stay in a superior room with breakfast included,  fruit basket upon your arrival, 3-course dinner of your choice with a glass of sparkling wine in our restaurant Seasons, and relax in Acquapura City SPA. Do not hesitate and book your stay at: reservations.bratislava@falkensteiner.com

Relax during the Easter holidays in Grand Hotel River Park

Easter holidays are ideal for spending some valuable time with your family and loved ones. Explore Bratislava this Easter – a charming “Little Big City” nestled on the banks of the Danube river. At Grand Hotel River Park we prepared a value-added Easter Package.
More information and reservations.

Easter brunch at RIVERBANK Restaurant

Experience tasty Easter Brunch with the whole family. You may find rich and varied buffets full of delicious food prepared by our Executive chef Jaroslav Žídek. Our experienced animator will take care of your little ones.

Date: 1st of April, 12:00 – 15:00

Changes in opening hours during Easter

Download a PDF with all the opening hours (588 kB)

SIGHTS AND LEISURE        30.3. 31.3 1.4. 2.4.
Museum of History
Bratislava Castle
C 9:00-17:00 9:00-17:00 C
Natural History Museum
Vajanského nábrežie 2
C 9:00-17:00 9:00-17:00 C
Archaeological Museum
Žižkova 12
C 10:00-17:00 C C
Museum of Carpathian German Culture
Žižkova 14
C 10:00-17:00 C C
Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia
Žižkova 18
C 10:00-17:00 C C
Museum of Jewish Culture
Židovská 17
C C 11:00-17:00 C
Old Town Hall and Apponyi Palace
Primaciálne námestie 3, Radničná 1
C 11:00-18:00 C C
Michael´s Tower and Museum of Pharmacy
Michalská 24 – 25
C 11:00-18:00 C C
Museum of Clocks
Židovská 1
C 11:00-18:00 C C
Transport Museum
Šancova 1/A
C 10:00-17:00 C C
Slovak National Gallery                                            Námestie Ľ. Štúra 4 C 10:00-18:00 10:00-18:00 C
Bratislava City Gallery
Mirbach Palace, Františkánske nám. 11
Pálffy Palace, Panská 19
11:00-18:00 11:00-18:00 C C
Primate´s Palace
Primaciálne námestie 1
C 10:00-17:00 C C
Nedbalka gallery
Nedbalova 9
13:00-19:00 13:00-19:00 13:00-19:00 C
Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum                        Bratislava – Vodné dielo Čunovo 10:00-18:00 10:00-18:00 10:00-18:00 10:00-18:00
ZOO Bratislava
Mlynská dolina
10:00-16:00 10:00-16:00 9:00-18:00 9:00-18:00
UFO Observation deck
SNP Bridge
10:00-23:00 10:00-23:00 10:00-23:00 10:00-23:00
Prešporáčik Oldtimer
Sightseeing tours to the Bratislava castle
9:00-17:00 9:00-17:00 9:00-17:00 9:00-17:00

C = closed

Bratislava CARD

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