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Ignác Schächtl & The Šechtls: From collodion process to digital

The history of one of the oldest photographers in the former Czechoslovakia is captured by an…
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The Scherzs. Restoration of a family portrait

Exceptional artwork from Bratislava City Gallery collection got a refreshed new look thanks to vast restoration
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Danube Equestrian Festival

The show jumping tradition returns do Bratislava, Danube embankment is to welcome presigious Nations Cup competition…
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May Swing Ball

Let's dance after more than two years again! The era of foolish twenties rebegins in V-klub
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Lovestream Festival

Enjoy music, enjoy life. Do not miss a brand new city festival, bringing you three days…
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Celts from Bratislava

More than 2000 years ago there was a Celtic city, so-called oppidum, on the place of present day Bratislava. It used to be three times bigger than later medieval town

Martin Benka

Third floor of Bratislava Castle became a temporary home to works of Martin Benka

N89 – Journey to Freedom
We have been enjoying the freedom for almost three decades. Since the revolutionary days of 1989, two generations of young people who…

Bratislava Automobile Factory
STM-Museum of Transport in Bratislava on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of BAZ (Bratislavské automobilové závody – Bratislava Automobile Factory) prepared…

The whole is less than the sum of its parts

The exhibition of neo avant-garde artist Peter Bartoš is built on asymmetrical units and several interventional approaches by the exhibiting authors.

The Pálffys from the Red Stone Castle and Maria Theresa

The exhibition of the Slovak National Museum – Red Stone Castle Museum about Pálffy family from Red Stone Castle and Maria Theresa is another in a series of exhibitions of SNM museums, which it presents in its residential building in Bratislava.

Romans and Slovakia

The archaeological-historical exhibition treats of the specific position of today’s Slovakia, located in the vicinity of the Roman Empire and once a direct part of it in a small part.


Through her smilingly light, artistically pure drawings, Božena Plocháňová tried to bring relief to the reader from the mundane and difficult carousel of life.

Tradition Untraditionally: Wood

The ÚĽUV Gallery presents the first of its new Tradition Untraditionally series of materials-based exhibitions approaching the phenomenon of wood in unexpected contexts – design from museum collections to contemporary works looking towards the future.

Third century of a bicycle

One of the classic means of transport is once again beginning to be promoted as one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives in nowadays city streets crowded with cars – the bicycle.


Nothing good comes with war. An exhibition of not yet published photographs by Petr Leginský about the town of Vukovar during the Croatian War of Independence will also show you this


Find out in Danubiana that the excellence of Ad Snijders’ oeuvre lies in its astonishing variability

From the Repository

Even though not presented to public, these items can attract, surprise and pique curiosity just like their “more famous colleagues” on display