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Anime Show

Pop culture in all its forms will settle down in Bratislava for three days

Anime Show is XVI. annual volume of international popculture festival. The anime fans meeting in Bratislava together with Game Expo focuses on Anime, Comics, Japanese Culture, Scifi, Fantasy, Horror and KPOP.

The event offers a rich selection of lectures, panels workshops, competitions and screenings of new movies. It also provides meeting with writers, premiere of new books and many kinds of creative competitions as well. The expo shows computer games, console games, mobile games, board and card games, retro gaming and technologies and includes gaming competitions, lectures about games by developers and professionals, preview of new games and indie games.


Accompanying program consists of big shows, which last 1hour more. These shows are full of excitement, fun and are the top things on festival taking place in the Main Cinema Hall. Two cinema halls will screen the best movies from scifi, fantasy, horror, comics or anime genres, which are not older than one year.

One of the new features of this year’s Anime Show will be the new Japanese music arcade game JuBeat. The game was first released in 2008 and we will have the latest version of it called Festo. The game is one of the top music games from Konami along with DDR, Pop N Music, Beatmania, Nostalgia. Definitely something to look forward to.

From Friday March 24 to Sunday March 26, the festival will offer varied programme in the genres of Anime, Comics, Japanese culture, Games, Scifi, Fantasy, Pop culture or KPOP. The festival offers a wide range of lectures, workshops, competitions, the latest films, fantastic literature, meetings with writers, music and art.


Cosplay costume competition, Slovak qualification of the international costume competition Cosplay Champions, amateur singing competition in karaoke, theatre competition Cosplay Theatre, Slovak qualification of the international dance and singing competition in Korean pop KPOP World Festival, dance show in Korean pop KPOP Showcase, costume competition Original Costume, competition of animated music clips Anime Music Video, illustration competitions for painters FanART and Original Art, literary competition of IstroCON for the best short story, competition for photographers PhotoCon or ActionPlay photo competition awaits you.

The festival in thematically divided premises will also offer various lectures, creative workshops, signings, christenings, discussions with authors, competitions and quizzes. Games and tournaments in the festival games will add another interactive dimension. You can enjoy computer games, PlayStation, Nintendo, virtual reality, slot machines, retro games from the 80s and 90s, dance games, indie games, board games, card games, Japanese go and shogi games, Zega cars or Warhammer figurine game.

The atmosphere is complemented by various attractions, which can be found mainly in outdoor areas. There will be sculptures of superheroes, photo wall, henna tattoo, adrenaline sports game arrow tag, live computer game LaserGame, historical archery, falconers and horseback riding. In the marketplace you will find shops, stalls, an alley of artists and cosplay stands. You can refresh in restaurants, buffets, tearoom or in a stand with quality streetfood. Japanese cuisine will also be the integral part of catering.


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