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Asot Haas – Insight

With the exhibition Insight, the Slovak National Museum presents a selection of the current work of multimedia visual artist Asot Haas, inspired by last year’s residency at the Slovak Institute in Jerusalem. Influenced by the richness, spirituality and mix of different faiths of the people of the holy city, Haas brings imaginative works building on an ever-evolving programme of original work. With unforced imagery, he encourages personal experience and the creation of his own narratives.

The exhibition project is conceived as a dark, intimate and at the same time intense scenery, from the bowels of which new artistic series emerge. The premiere is a figurative composition that is an appropriation of Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. Haas dynamizes it, rotating it 360 degrees, and a striking formal distortion and symbolism of the relentless pursuit of the unattainable emerges.

The exhibition also presents a new series of six diamond pieces that reference Israel’s wealth and commerce. The artist delved into the history of the diamonds’ creation and was inspired by the most sophisticated version of the cut, calculated and created by the Belgian designer and engineer Marcel Tolkowsky (1899-1991). Through scanning Tolkowsky’s diamonds, he created his own versions, which he transformed into optical glass and plated using vacuum technology. He also offers authorially significant light objects – linear circular motifs representing the spaces of unknown sacred domes or vibrating abstract relief drawings made of Plexiglas, which draw us into a spiritual world not tied to a particular faith.

Asot Haas’s work builds on a foundation of technological and material experimentation, resulting in significant abstract motifs working with repetitions and variations of basic geometric shapes.

Although he draws entirely on art history, echoes of Op Art, abstract geometrism or minimalism, it is the digitalization and use of knowledge from industrial production and technological and material innovations, combined with physical and mathematical laws, that create functional connections that are unique in our environment. Objects, hanging paintings, relief paintings or light installations – the artist’s works require us to slow down internally and focus our attention on small details. Whether it is the gradual change of colour shades and line thicknesses, or the subtle shifts and spacing between geometric formations, the dehumanised artefacts take on an organic character thanks to the subtle changes and expressive ‘imperfections’, which naturally contrasts with the technological aspect of their creation. The imaginary principle of visual chance is in fact the result of hours of coding, authoring software, data collection and evaluation.


Asot Haas (1981, Moscow) lives and works in Bratislava. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, where from 2002 to 2007 he successively passed through the studios of Industrial Design (Ferdinand Chrenka), Transport Design (Štefan Klein), Glass (Juraj Gavula) and the studio of Sculpture, Object, Installation (Juraj Meliš). In 2019 he received the ILDA Awards and in 2007 the NOVA Gallery Award for Glass. He has had solo exhibitions in spaces and institutions such as Incheba Expo Arena, Bratislava (2021), Bellart Gallery, Vienna (2020), Kunsthalle Košice (2019), DSC Gallery, Prague (2016), Nedbalka, Bratislava (2013), PGU, Žilina (2012), etc.