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BADW – Bratislava Design Week

Bratislava Design Week is the largest international event in Slovakia dedicated to contemporary design. This year it will be held during Advent – from 6 to 10 December. The main locations will be the modernist department store Prior and the Mirbach Palace (Bratislava City Gallery).

The BADW festival always chooses a theme based on the current contemporary feeling. This year they have defined it as courage.

Our society is living very tense times that try to corner us. Crisis has moved into our society in various forms, economic, social, relational, values, professional, environmental, etc.

The basic prerequisite for the existence of communities, which is peace, is still under threat. Nevertheless, this is no time to lament.

It is courage that is becoming important. The courage to step in a new direction, to look at problems from a different side, the courage to disagree, the courage to stand up for the weak, the courage to move forward, the courage to show who I am, the courage to experiment. All of this is as important to the company as it is to the work and position of the designer.

BADW 2023 will be held for the first time at OD Prior in Kamenné Square. The exhibitors selected from the Open Call and the main international exhibition will occupy the entire 2nd floor of the department store (an area of more than 2000 M2 in a triangular modernist department store building).

In addition to the exhibitions, there will also be a Pop-up shop with products from young Slovak designers, as well as talks with festival guests in the early evening.

For the second year, BADW will also be in the magnificent premises of the GMB’s permanent collection of Baroque art. The latter is located on the first floor of the Mirbach Palace. You had the opportunity to experience the fusion of rare works of Baroque art, palace interiors and contemporary design last year.