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Beatles Go Baroque

An original Slovak project by home-based team, of authors – particularly the lauded Peter Breiner and five choreographers from the SND Ballet.

Première: 30.11., 1.12.2018

SND historical building

  • an original Slovak project by local team of authors
  • choreography: 4 members of SND Ballet (Igor Holováč, Adrian Ducin, Reona Sato, Glen Lambrecht) and Andrej Petrovič (who was with the prestigious Akram Khan Company led by the internationally acclaimed British choreographer of Indian origin, he danced at the London Summer Olympics
  •  Musical assistance and conductor: Peter Breiner (Slovakia’s foremost New York-based composer, one of the world’s most often played authors)
  • Beatles Go Baroque is Mr Breiner’s most successful series of compositions (that top the charts in sales and broadcasting across the world)
  • running time: 2 hours (including 1 interval, i.e. 19.00 – 21.00 hrs)
  • Unique evening presenting five choreographies accompanied by music by The Beatles in Baroque arrangement (different authors – Handel, Bach, Vivaldi etc.)
  •  Contemporary oeuvre
  • Live orchestra with traditional Baroque instruments
  • Breiner’s Concerto Grosso in style of Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and Georg Friedrich Handel brings in baroque style the evergreens by The Beatles as interpreted in contemporary body language.

Première of Beatles Go Baroque Beatles is an original Slovak project by the composer Peter Breiner and five choreographers. The impulse for the production came from music by Mr Breiner music one of the world’s most played musicians. Over the past decade he collaborated with leading international theatres and studios as conductor, composer, stage director, arranger, and pianist. His most successful recordings include his Baroque-style pieces by The Beatles that top the charts of sales and broadcasting across the world.

Dates of the performances: 29.1.; 13.2.; 29.3.; 4.5.; 11.5.; 12.6.; 29.6. – always at 7 pm – SND historical building

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