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Bicycle Race for Public L’Etape by Tour de France 

A series of cycling events of L’Etape by Tour de France for public was founded in 1993 and spread to many countries ever since. This year, Slovakia is taking part for the very first time.

L´Etape is the only bicycle event worldwide where racers can feel like Tour de France pros and race along the former champions. Designed by Tour de France specialists, the route features high level of security and racing support from the entire organiser’s team, professional time meters, and various competitions.

It is only at L´Etape where you can enjoy hill and sprint awards, the unique ambience, the interesting Expo that includes history of Tour de France, and a varied bicycle festival with lots of workshops and exhibitions. You will also be able to experience French culture, cuisine and history.


Saturday 21. 8. 2021 – FAMILY DAY

  • Morning Kids Race (600 m – 2.5 km) – KIDS RACE (for children from 3 to 14 years)
  • Afternoon non-competition hobby ride (20 km) – FAMILY RIDE (from 11 years)

Sunday 22. 8. 2021 – RACE DAY

  • RACE – Long Route: 120 km with 4 climbs (Strmina – Pezinská Baba – Biely kríž and Kamzík), accrued height difference of approx. 1500 m
  • RIDE – Shor Route: 70 km with 2 climbs (Strmina/Biely kríž a Kamzík), accrued height difference of approx. 750 m

Race Route:  Start at Ružinovská cesta –Bratislava Centre –Devínska cesta (Riviéra) – Devín – Devínska Nová Ves – Stupava – Borinka – Strmina – (Ride/Short Route towards Biely kríž) – Lozorno – Jablonové – Pernek – Pezinská Baba – Pezinok – Limbach – Biely kríž – Cesta mládeže – Kamzík

The event will be centred around the Štrkovec Lake that will feature a “cycling zone” for all cycling fans. An interesting programme will be held along with the race, such as joint preparation training sessions for public. These will start in mid-May and will feature famous cyclists on a fortnightly basis.

Registration for L´Etape Slovakia by Tour de France will start on 8 April on For all up-to-date information on the event, visit the official site.