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Bipolar Architecture + Morna + Nerofluxus

Besna promotion will bring a trio of metal bands Bipolar Architecture, Morna and Nerofluxus to Pink Whale.

Promoter’s description:

Bipolar Architecture

The international four-piece, collectively hailing from Istanbul and Berlin, are intent on using their years of experience in the heaviest music scenes to push at the boundaries of contemporary metal. By mixing classic death-metal aggression with cutting-edge production and processing techniques,
Bipolar Architecture have created a balance of sound that is raw, frenzied and extreme whilst also nuanced, refined and pliable.

Two years after releasing Depressionland, a formidable full-length debut that brought together elements of blackened metal and panoramic post-rock ambience, Bipolar Architecture are ready to unleash Metaphysicize, the next brutal evolution of their ground-breaking, genre-defying sound on the Pelagic Records label!


The four-member prog-metal group from Nova Dubnica already has three albums to their credit, proving to the Slovak metal scene that dark growling death-metal, ambient sprawling scenery or progressive strumming with clean vocals go hand in hand and can be interestingly combined. Morna received three Radio Head Awards (a national academy music awards) nominations for their three albums and turned two nominations for the recordings Nuisance and Sentient Cultist into the best Hard&Heavy record of the year award. With their concert performance Morna has made it to festivals such as Wacken or Brutal Assault and in 10 years since the release of the album A Tale of Woe they have found fans all over Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


New folks on the block based in Bratislava. Formed from members of bands such as Seks or Junkfish. Young, boisterous alternative prog metal which experiments with different post genres creating original pallet of sounds.

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