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Boat trips on the Danube

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Enjoy a cruise on a cruise boat and discover together the charm of spring on the waters of the Danube. Enjoy your time together while sailing under bridges during Bratislava City Days. You will find out how enchanting is to see Slovakia’s capital from the river.

Discover the embankments of Bratislava from the deck of a boat by sailing under its bridges. You can board on the Saturday April 23rd at four different times.

Have a look at Bratislava from the most beautiful perspective and collect the unforgettable memories. You only need to reserve your seat for free and then just come at 10 .m., 1 p.m. or 4 p.m.

Do not miss a highly recommended river cruise with beautiful panoramic views of Bratislava. The pleasant noise of the Danube’s waves and the wonderful views of Bratislava will create an atmosphere that you will not experience anywhere else.

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