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Brasil diferente

Not so known face of Brasil is shown at the exhibition in Art Club Studňa

When Zdenko Somorovský claims from personal experience that „every journey takes place in a certain cycle, which has four phases“ (from reading and self-education to textual or pictorial narration), he thus confirms his good approach as a reporter.

In his photographic reports, he also enriches them with a greater interest in focusing on seemingly marginal topics, individual stories of ordinary people, behind the scenes „in unique natural scenery“ or, in short, mediation of a given country in other ways than is expected of his assignment.

At least this is how the exhibition „Brasil diferente“ at the Central European House of Photography in Bratislava wants to present Zdenek‘s current work. Of his numerous and well-known photographic reports of often distant countries, the exhibition selection focuses on Brazil (geographically, mostly the northeast part and the Amazon), to which he also dedicated his first, recently published book „Amazing Brazil“.

But the attention of the exhibition is not focused on Rio de Janeiro, carnival, hot temperament, spontaneous people or coffee culture, but on modest fish carriers, mysterious mangroves, the architecture of mining towns, paradoxical situations in urban and rural lands, connecting people with nature or gestures, art still lifes and portraits of the homeless. The exhibition thus tries to point out not only a different vision of Brazil, but also other „plans“ in Zdenek‘s photographic work, which move us to think about something more universal and deeper.