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Bratislava in Motion 2020

Dance as a language we all understand.

Bratislava in Motion, an international modern dance festival, is coming soon. This year we will present you attractive works by foreign and domestic authors of modern dance in splendid interpretation by global dancers.


Venue: A4, MDPOH, Nová budova SND (Slovak National Theatre, New Building)


4 & 5 October @ 7PM, Štúdio SND
Silvia Gribaudi: Graces  (IT)
In her witty, even ironical work, Silvia Gribaudi pays tribute to imperfection.

9 October @ 8PM, A4
Yuri Korec a CO.: Sapiens Territory (SK)
Where is the end of a body and where is the start of patterns that we slide into day by day? Is it still possible to tell them apart after all these years, or have they grown together into an inseparable tangle, as a broken leg grows into the casket?

10 October @ 8PM, A4
Temporary Collective / Dame De pic: Same Same (CZ/BE)
Tereza Ondrová and Petra Tejnorová, two important figures of the Czech scene, led by Karine Ponties, a French-Belgian choreographer, created a duet edging on soft humour, irony and satire.

13 October @ 7PM, činohra SND
Staatstheater Mainz / Sharon Eyal / Soul Chain (DE)
Inspired by strong emotions related to love, the Soul Chain choreography connects ballet and electro into a fascinating modern dance. The troupe becomes a package full of energy in an extraordinary demanding choreography that was awarded with German Faust theatre prize in 2018.

14 October @ 7PM, DPOH
RootlesRoot / Stones & Bones (GR)
A choreography for 4 dancers and marble-like eternity of poetry.

18 October @ 8PM, A4
Masako Matsushita / Un/dress Moving Painting (IT)
Natural way of dressing and undressing, the role of woman’s clothing and body in modern society have become a topic for a performance based on fusion of body and clothes, creating a moving picture.

18 October @ 8PM, A4
Joy Alpuerto Ritter / Babae (DE)
When creating her solo work, Joy was inspired by the witch dance by Mary Wigman, as well as by traditions from her native Philippines. Materiality, sensuality, and elastic and energetic, almost animal-like movement for a basis of a dance that Joy uses to bring us into her world, which is a ritual of modern woman.

20 October @ 8PM, A4
Divadlo Štúdio tanca BB / Muž bez vlastností (SK)
Using their typical theatrical-movement language, Jozef Vlk and Stanislava Vlčeková created a rich kaleidoscope of characters inspired by Rober Musil, who is an ironical-disillusional panorama of modern society.


27 September @ 5.30PM, SND Lobby
Maté Meszáros / Mechanics of Distance (HU) – free entrance
On 27 September 2020, the Slovak National Theatre will show a dance performance by Mechanics of Distance, choreographed by Máté Mészáros.

12 October @ 11.30 AM, VŠMU
Marija Slavec / Workshop (DE)
Marija Slavec will focus on body strengthening and increase of flexibility and agility by arousing our senses and imagination.

16 October @ 9.45 AM, VŠMU
Linda Kepetanea & JozefFruček / Workshop (GR)
Workshop for dancers, performers, martial artists and everybody interested in human development.

22 October @ 4 and 5 PM, in front of Stará Tržnica Market Hall
Cindy Hammer & Goplastic / Asphaltwelten (DE)
Site specific performance in the street of Bratislava. Consisting of three formats, the asphaltworlds project discusses various them aspects, theses and values.

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