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You will find them on the last Wednesday of June in the Small Concert Studio of the RTVS

An attempt to reconcile current interpersonal relationships or to address the “coexistence” of different string instruments, which requires overcoming a number of obstacles in order to achieve a positive outcome? In this way, Dušan Martinček once reflected on the motives for the creation of his breathtaking masterpiece entitled Coexistences, and even today this apt characteristic has not lost any of its topicality.

The name of Dušan Martinček, as well as his younger colleague Jozef Podprocký, similarly circled in the intergenerational space between the avant-garde and the postmodern, is associated primarily with the symbiosis of respect for tradition with a naturally manifesting ability to receive current stimuli from the world of experimental music.

Their two works for string instruments were created for two exceptional violinists, while Coexistences were directed to the hands of an excellent Austrian composer and violinist (a member of the Vienna Philharmonic) René Staar, Podprocký Concertino, op. 11, found its addressee in the legendary master Bohdan Warchal. Sonata for violin by Ivan Parík is part of a unique cycle for solo instruments, which can undoubtedly be considered a worthy pendant of the famous Sequence cycle.

Victory Boogie Woogie, on the other hand, is an attempt at musical rendering of color blocks divided by the lines of Modrian’s legendary last painting with the same name, created by a Northern Irish native of Belfast, Piers Hellawell, through modally shaped rhythmic structures intended for the piano duo. After all, all four composers were somehow judged by the fine arts.

Come on Wednesday, June 29, at seven in the evening to enjoy the music full of emotions and transfer for a moment to a completely different world.


Ivan Parík – Violin sonata
Piers Hellawell – Victory Boogie-Woogie for two pianos
Jozef Podprocký – Concertino for violin and string quintet, op. 11
Dušan Martinček – Coexistences for string quintet

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