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Mimicry or project construction of a proxy war between bare reality and art?

In times when it is difficult to shock the audience with something new and unusual, Viktória Lengyelová comes up with a very speculative structure.

The serial work presented in Gallery 19 has not been exhibited anywhere in this form. It was not created because of a studio assignment, it is a mobile structure that has been available for a long time and which the author may not have wanted to exhibit in this way or elsewhere.

A post-conceptual work, in the sense that the concept was created, so to speak, after its implementation as an additional name – baptism, joy over a new life. The pretended form of expression allows for a certain anonymity. Nor is it a levitation between the vulgar and the transcendental message, but rather something already forgotten or in connection with what has not yet arisen.

Above all, it is a fixation of a situation where the arrangement of the individual components remains constant, i.e. they will be reproducible in the future only in the created form and in the same order.

The textual link here does not work literally or symbolically – an excerpt from a complexly constructed other parallel structure indicates greater discoveries and connections about the inner truth and intuition of Viki Lengyelová.