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Division by Zero

Debut exhibition of a distinctive personality of Czech painting by Josef Bolf in White & Weiss Gallery

The exhibition presents a selection of his latest paintings. It presents the current direction and new twists in the dynamically evolving work of this Czech visual artist.

The author, who has been working on the art scene since the late 1990s, leaves his comfort zone in a targeted manner and brings new topics and formal transformations. It is expressed primarily by painting – naturally instructed and influenced by drawing, graphics or past overlaps in animation, film and ceramics.

Josef Bolf’s solo debut exhibition in Slovakia presents a selection of his paintings, which he has been working on since last year. At first glance, it is clear that despite familiar perceptions, atmosphere or colorfulness, we are looking at stepping into a new and yet unexplored environment.

His works are associated with significant emotions immersed in the bowels of sadness, nostalgia, melancholy or unspecified anxieties. The author’s natural selection of feelings (from the less popular side of the Moon) is based on children’s memories, personal experiences or excerpts from popular culture.

The exhibition presents the author’s cooperation with the Czech visual artist Radek Brousil, born in 1981, who created a series of typographic ceramic objects. The original cooperation between Brousil and Bolf dynamizes the entire exhibition project and at the same time anchors it in a moving reality and dream atmosphere.