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Explore: Jann + Boebeck

In cooperation with the showcase festival “Sharpe”, Nová Cvernovka presents the “Explore” format, where young interesting musical groups on the European scene will be presented on a regular basis. The fourth event of this series will present Jann and boebeck.

Boebeck’s first EP comfortable offers an insight into the thoughts of a fragile yet heartfelt singer-songwriter who’s ready to step out of a family heritage that might foreshadow her artistic career from the beginning. Same questions of identity and defining one’s self are tackled on i am not’, boebeck’s artistic debut. In cooperation with Liveurope, she has already performed with MiraLu Kovacs (AT), and Meskerem Mees (BE) too. The upcoming album 8 continues the tradition of singer-songwriters who move on the fringes of pop music and lyricism; thus, boebeck is embarking on the path well-trodden by beloved predecessors like Damon Albarn, Florence Welch or Tom Odell.

Jann is a 23-year-old charismatic artist, producer and writer based in Warsaw, Poland. Deeply rooted connection with music and art manifested in the young artist’s life since the beginning. His unique scale (counter-tenor) led him to the National Opera in Warsaw where he performed for a number of years. He then moved to London where he studied at BIMM. However, despite his classical education, he focuses on pop in his work. He released his debut single Do you wanna come over in 2021 and gained quite an impressive number of listeners and devoted fans around the world. His first EP Power was released at the beginning of the year 2022. The EP is a very personal and emotional album. He has been working with producers from Poland and Great Britain (Sarapata, Jeremiasz Hendzel, Allan Low).

Admission is free for residents of Ukraine.