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From the Nile to the Danube. Monuments of the Empire of the Pharaohs in Bratislava

In the capital, exceptional original items from ancient Egypt can be found in one place. Some of them for the first time or after a very long time

The exhibition and accompanying events aim to highlight two major Egyptological anniversaries – 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and 200 years since the decipherment of hieroglyphics. The presented exhibits come from several Slovak collections of ancient Egyptian monuments.


The extraordinary exhibition complements the existing exhibitions of the Slovak National Museum – Archaeological Museum, which present old collections, namely the Cabinet Collection of the Evangelical Lyceum in Bratislava and the Marcel Collection originated by Jean Joseph Marcel. The exhibited objects are largely borrowed from other Bratislava museums – the Bratislava City Museum and the Slovak National Museum – the Natural History Museum.


The opening of the exhibition is part of the opening of the project of the same name, which will last throughout October in two places, in the Slovak National Museum – Archaeological Museum and in the Slovak National Museum – Natural History Museum. Interesting lectures by Egyptologists, various guided tours and creative workshops are be prepared within the project.


Through this program, archaeologists will commemorate significant Egyptian anniversaries. On September 27, 200 years have passed since the publication of the decipherment of the hieroglyphic script by Jean-François Champollion, and on November 4 it was exactly 100 years since Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun.


Lectures and guided tours will thus be devoted to the connection of anniversaries with interesting monuments that can be seen in the aforementioned museums as part of their expositions and exhibitions.