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Hummel Fest 2018

The “Hummel Fest 2018”, an idea of Krisztina Gyöpös, winner of many international piano competitions, in cooperation with diverse institutions, is dedicated in remembrance to a unique personality, a „symbol of Bratislava“ – J. N. Hummel. The composer J. N. Hummel is a „key figure“ for Bratislava. Through his activities in several European cities he has created bridges between the nations. The music festival „Hummel Fest 2018“ in Bratislava, dedicated to the memory of this extraordinary personality, offers young composers the unique opportunity to make their work public.

Jongdo An, Balázs Szokolay, Zuzana Godárová, Krisztina Gyöpös, Štefan Gyöpös, Róbert Mareček, Stanislav Masaryk, Monika Mockovčáková, Barth von Orth, Roman Patkoló, Jozef Podhoranský, Sophie-Magdalena Reuter, Petra Somlai, Kevin Treiber, Mathias Weber, Cappella Istropolitana,  Duo Bergere, Giovanni All’ Opera Bratislava, Mucha Quartet, Dance choreography J. H. Bozkurtová, Orchestra and students of the HfM Franz Liszt Weimar, Elementary Art School J. Albrecht in Bratislava…

Festival Venues:
-Bratislava/ Primate’s Palace, Main Square, Faust Hall, University Library Bratislava- Seminar Hall (Klariská 5), Mirbach Palace, Clarissine Church Concert Hall, Johann Nepomuk Hummel Museum, Hummel Music

Entrance to the concerts and events of the festival is free!

Further information on the Festival


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