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Jakub Reken has an exhibition in ATELIER XIII from 21 January until 11 March

During Jakub Reken’s exhibition, you can hear a music set created out of songs of a music artist Prezident Lourajder.

Painting research of the author born in 1986 currently focuses on the remediation of stories of sacred art, pop culture, gaming machines, and sci-fi sceneries (from early Christian icons to computer games and icons).

By combining micro-stories, he creates rich pictorial visions, which evoke the “Breugel” poetics of the nostalgic old world. Winged eyes, fish hills, models of landscapes, fractals or utopian architectures are “racing” in it. These elements are produced by the author’s sampling, remix, new post-production and reverse archaeological revision of the “iconoclon”.

Prezident Lourajder has been composing music and lyrics. For almost a decade. This is an alter ego of the multimedia artist Mišo Ormos. The last album called Opus Magnum was released in May 2021 (on a vinyl with a beautiful booklet) by the publishing company TyNikdy. He has received several awards for his videos and several nominations for the Radio Head Awards. He works in Prague, also at the Academy of Fine Arts.