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Krst knihy Neskrývaná láska

Unhidden love – portraits of the Slovak LGBTI community

At this exhibition, photographer Dorota Holubová will present a new portrait series called Unidden Love, which is dedicated to the Slovak LGBTI community.

It is a collection of intimate portraits and diverse, exceptional stories of LGBTI couples and families living in Slovakia. According to the author of the project, Dorota Holubová, the main goal of the series of photographs is to raise awareness of social awareness, to draw attention to human rights violations and to increase the tolerance of the general public towards the LGBTI community. Through 27 portraits of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people who live together in happy relationships and with their families, people can learn more tolerance and empathy.

The exhibition was supported by the Dutch Embassy in Bratislava.

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