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Let me be myself – The Life Story of Anne Frank

One of the world’s most famous diaries was written by a teenager

She wrote there about her feelings, faith, dreams and ambitions. For years she had written down all sorts of events until the last record of August 1, 1944. For two years, she kept a diary in a safe house where she and her family were hiding from the Nazis. In March 1945, she died of typhoid fever in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

In her diary, which was preserved and published after the war, she captured life during hiding. Together with her family, this German girl of Jewish origin was hiding in Amsterdam during World War II, but just before the end of the war they were exposed and almost all fell victim to Nazi murder. So far, no one knows who leaked them. They’ve been hiding for 761 days in total.


The intense story of a Jewish girl is a memento to this day. The unique testimony of the tragedy of the time through the eyes of a teenager has received many forms of artistic processing.

The international project of the itinerant exhibition presents the topics of discrimination and prejudice on the life story of Anne Frank. The exhibition is guided by high school students providing this service to their coevals and other public. They get to experience what it’s like to be labeled.


The content of the exhibition conveys the life story of Anne Frank, who was hiding in the secret areas of the house in Amsterdam from the Nazi persecution with her family and family friends. Particular panels of the exhibition set Anne’s story in the context of World War II and the genocide of the Jewish population. The second part of the exhibition connects the past and the present and presents the stories of today’s young people and their experiences with discrimination and prejudice.

The exhibition of their coevals and the other public is accompanied by the students themselves, who have previously received two-day training. During it, they gain a general overview of the history of the Second World War and the Holocaust. At the same time, they improve their communication and argumentation skills, learn to speak in front of people and think critically.


She didn’t play the playstation, she could go shopping in her mind only, and if she add the stories on instagram, she would endanger herself and the others with whom she was hiding. Eighty years before the corona, she and her family and other people experienced the toughest lockdown. They lived for almost two years in several rooms with darkened windows, with minimal contact with the outside world and without knowing until when. But at least they lived.

The fate of Anne Frank is the story of a marred life. She lost it because someone thought she was not blonde and blue-eyed enough. Spring to attention if anyone tells you it never happened. Remember Anne when you’re not cool, in or trendy enough, good, smart or athletic enough for others. Think about it to never let happen to anyone ever again what happened to Anne Frank.