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Mikrozvuk #37: Šimanský & Niesner + Enchanted Lands

Mikrozvuk #37 will bring Enchanted Lands and Šimanský & Niesner to the LOM space.

Enchanted Lands:

It’s been almost six years since the debut of Feed Goals (2017) by Czech sound artist Enchanted Lands, but her digital ambient landscapes have lost none of their beauty, organic richness and ASMR softness. Feed Goals has resonated beyond the local scene, as has everything the crew of the Prague label Genot Centre stood for. It also gained the attention of Czech music critics and earned the Vinyla award for the newcomer of the year. Enchanted Lands later melted her subtle sound design in trance waters, as can be heard on Cryptic Island Eco-Sanctuary. Release found a home in Quantum Natives (2020).

Šimanský & Niesner:

Czech guitarists Jakub Šimanský and Tomáše Niesner drew their inspiration from the roots of 1950s classic country blues or American folk songs. But also the cross section of the Mississippi Delta and the Appalachian Mountains’ traditional music informed by atonal elements of the European avant-garde. This musical style has been often labelled as American primitive guitar, contested and often reductionist genre term. On the album Všechno dobré, Šimanský and Niesner reinterpret these guitar idioms by developing an idiosyncratic vocabulary for the wooden instrument through their own lived melancholy paradoxes of Central Europe.


  • 19:30 Doors
  • 20:00 Enchanted Lands
  • 20:50 Šimanský & Niesner

    Admission is free for all Ukrainians. All they have to do is identify themselves by an identity card and book their tickets via e-mail:

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