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Old Bratislava Treasure Hunt

The 3rd Geocaching Mega Event SLOVAK GEOAWARDS 2018 will be held for the first time near the center of Bratislava. During the weekend of 7th – 9th September 2018, visitors to Sad Janka Kráľa and Tyršovo nábrežie will be able to try to find treasures, crawling ciphers or try finding their way in the field. The event will be attended by a large number of fans of geocaching from around the world.
The whole event will be open to the general public – whether active players, beginners, people who have heard about geocaching, but have never had the chance to try the game in practice, as well as those who do not know about it yet.


for geocachers:

Megaevent in Bratislava city centre

This activity is a geocaching MEGA event. That means that everyone who attends, will automatically have their profile updated with a special ‘MEGA’ icon. What is more, everyone will receive a unique virtual souvenir and makes lots of new friends.

Educational geocaching trail

Educational geocaching trail – Old Bratislava treasure hunt – will be the main activity of the Slovak Geoawards 2018. You can see and try how geocaching works at 8 marked stages in ‘Sad Janka Krala’.

Slovak Geoawards 2018

Have you ever found a beautiful cache that you could not award with a favourite point? This cache could have been unique because of its installation, appearance or a peculiar way to solve it and finding it made you feel very special. GeoAwards is exactly the event for those who want to share what they like with the others and show the most beautiful caches of various regions.

for kids:

Signal the Frog®

Official Geocaching mascot, green frog with the antenna – Signal the Frog – will fly from USA to visit us. It will have a special tracking number and will bring plenty of gifts for kids.

Signal likes taking pictures with its fans and you can also follow him on Instagram #signalthefrog.

Picture orienteering.

In ‘Sad Janka Krala’, kids can take part in the real orienteering. The orienteering will be specifically designed for kids and it will be full of historical Bratislava themed pictures.

Bubble blowers flash mob

Quick meeting on the Old bridge where we’ll make – as many as is possible – bubbles at the moment.

for bikers:

Bike trip

You can attend an organized bike trip on a new cycle trail close to old army bunkers in Petržalka.

Bike parking

Attended bike parking lot will be available during the whole event.

for adrenaline lovers:

Sky walk and abseiling

Try Skywalk or 360 ferrata on a plank around the restaurant on top of the UFO tower in the height of 95 meters or abseiling from the plank down to the beach under the bridge in the velocity of 1-2 m/s. You can buy tickets here. This activity is paid and limited.

Old Bratislava town treasure hunt

Maria Theresa, the Archduchess of Austria, wearied after difficult war with Prussia for the Austrian heritage, faces a tremendous challenge. After terrible defeats, she managed to persuade Hungarian noblemen to accept her as their queen and help her in the war against the enemy. Tomorrow, she shall be coronated as queen of Hungary in St Martin`s Cathedral, however, the Crown Jewels have disappeared. Failure to find them by dawn will have severe and unimaginable political consequences for the whole monarchy!

for the greenery lovers:

Green Bratislava

Bratislava is full of green oases. You can find their beauties and secrets when searching for various caches. You can look forward to the mysteries of the secret places till Friday.

CITO event

We will work together to make our nature cleaner and nicer. CITO event, meaning Cache In Trash Out, suggests that what belongs to the forest is caches and relax while all the trash needs to be taken out.

And more other activities you can find here.

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