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Open Atelier Day

Enjoy art directly in the places where it’s made

On the last Saturday in September, the doors of the art studios of registered artists will be opened to the general public in the Bratislava Region. These venues will provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the spaces where unique works are created. Experience moments of touch with beauty and exceptional moments of personal meetings with artists.


This year’s Open Ateliers Day again gives the opportunity to look into the art workshops of artists creating in the Little Carpathian region and get acquainted with their work. It is an excellent presentation of visual arts, diverse techniques, genres and artistic directions.


Forty-six artists from thirty-five studios, five creative workshops and nine accompanying exhibitions within the Bratislava Region give an extraordinary opportunity for art lovers, amateur artists and curious people to enter the door behind which beauty is created.


Accept the invitation to visit the creative environment and see the magical world of creativity, where it breathes beauty and inspiration. Perhaps you will discover the artistic spirit within yourself.

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