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Papyllon & The Valentines

Papyllon and The Valentines are heading on the tour across Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The band Papyllon was formed in 2010. The last album called Papyllon was released in 2017. Recently, the band released three singles under the Dutch label TCBYML, which were rotated on the world’s radio stations. Five member band has successfully toured Eastern Europe and the Baltics, and in the past they have also performed at the Rock for People, Grape, Sharpe and Bush festivals. They are releasing a second album in October 2023.

The Valentines are a pop band from Hradec Králové, founded in 2017. Oscillating between the 80s aesthetics of David Bowie’s Let’s Dance and contemporary guitar pop, the young trio plays, according to their own words, “cheerful songs about the saddest things”. In 2019, The Valentines won the undiscovered Startér Radio Wave chart, in 2021 they made it to the national final of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Stay or Go. In 2022, they performed at the Rock for People festival, this year the audience could see them at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival or as headliners of United Islands of Prague.

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