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Perfect Imperfection

Exhibition of textile paintings inspired by children’s spontaneity and borderless fantasy

The project thematically focuses on combining authentic children’s drawing and font and their modification by artistic means into a new form – the form of the author’s fabric tread.

The author immerses in the children’s drawing space with its invisible frequencies and vibrations. It reflects the uncorrected world of boundless childhood fantasy, which finds itself in sharp contrast with our material world, the world of intellect, ratio and logic.

The output of the project is the creation of six textile curtains created by digital printing technique, authored designs that complement the cycle of eleven collages, created from clippings, fragments of children’s font.

The exhibition at the X Gallery in Bratislava also includes photographs that were a model for the creation of individual designs. The used patterns and the original children’s manuscript are transformed into new forms by the author. By highlighting the structures and then deforming them, it reaches the limit of legibility. Similarly, it works with coloration, which deliberately exposes up to fluorescent shades.

In the final works, the child’s naivety disappears and the abstract essence remains, which, however, carries a similar message. Authentic, imperfect transcription.