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Bratislava Theatre Nights

Summer open-air theatre in the beautiful courtyard of the Old Town Hall
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Music for Modra

The picturesque wine-growing townlet deserves a festival of quality and originality
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World Music Festival

The historical centre of Bratislava will be revived by a colourful and multi-faceted festival of truly…
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The House of Traditional Dances

The real summer entertainment in the centre of Bratislava will surely get your blood flowing. Whether…
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The mining dwarf of Pezinok

The well-known wine-growing town has a lesser-known, but centuries-old mining tradition
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Roman Games are back

Bratislava’s UNESCO site will be taken back to the famous times of Rome


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Celts from Bratislava

More than 2000 years ago there was a Celtic city, so-called oppidum, on the place of present day Bratislava. It used to be three times bigger than later medieval town

Martin Benka

Third floor of Bratislava Castle became a temporary home to works of Martin Benka

Bratislava Automobile Factory
STM-Museum of Transport in Bratislava on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of BAZ (Bratislavské automobilové závody – Bratislava Automobile Factory) prepared…

Romans and Slovakia

The archaeological-historical exhibition treats of the specific position of today’s Slovakia, located in the vicinity of the Roman Empire and once a direct part of it in a small part.

Tradition Untraditionally: Wood

The ÚĽUV Gallery presents the first of its new Tradition Untraditionally series of materials-based exhibitions approaching the phenomenon of wood in unexpected contexts – design from museum collections to contemporary works looking towards the future.

Third century of a bicycle

One of the classic means of transport is once again beginning to be promoted as one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives in nowadays city streets crowded with cars – the bicycle

River in the City

For any city, the river represents a dynamic city-forming element