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Roman Games & Limes Day 2020

On the grounds of the Rusovce Manor Park and the Gerulata Castellum in Rusovce, the Roman Games will be held for the 22nd time on September 12 between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The program will combine the history of Gerulata, part of the province of Pannonia with the capital of Carnuntum, with the present day emphasising on experience, entertainment and education. It consists of several program parts that fit together and support the interest in history across different age categories.

Program in Gerulata Castellum


There is an interactive game for visitors a so-called “speed-dating” activity with people that lived nearly 2,000 years ago in this area. The Gerulata Castellum will include 10 statues that tell their stories written on votive altars and tombstones placed in the museum. The visitor then search for these stone monuments. A Roman clothing workshop and the popular Roman kindergarten are traditionally part of the event.


A great search for children together with Avit. Gerulata hides a treasure. Children will experience wandering around the Gerulata area. In a playful way, they will learn the most important things about the Roman Empire and the Gerulate. In the end, they will find the treasure they will share.

An inseparable part of the Roman Games – LIMES DAY (7 years) enriches the event with a virtual cycle path through Roman monuments on the route Bratislava, Devin, Hainburg, Bad Deutsch Altenburg, Petronell Carnuntum, Edelstal, Kittsee with a conclusion in Rusovce Gerulata. Viewers will learn interesting facts about the Roman border Limes Romanus on the Danube as part of a cross-border cycling tour, which due to a pandemic cannot take place with the usual participation of cyclists. Visitors can watch the film directly in Gerulata.

Visit the official event page on Facebook.

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