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Sculptor’s Drawings

It is said that drawing is the mother of all arts. Come to consider yourselves whether and how this applies to the works of sculptors selected for this exhibition

Gallery 19 from 23 February to 8 April presents an exhibition dedicated to sculptural drawing or actually sculptors’ drawing as part of a long-term exhibition cycle …on paper. He will present the works of Jozef Kostka, Rudolf Uher, Jozef Jankovič, Juraj Meliš, Peter Roller and Marián Huba.

It is a truly excellent sample of creators who belong to the most important, original personalities of Slovak sculpture of the 20th century. They are all sculptors who have drawn and are drawing. And they were all students of Professor Jozef Kostka, the founder of Slovak modern sculpture.

A special project on the 110th anniversary of Jozef Kostka’s birth, Jozef Jankovič’s 85th birthday anniversary and Juraj Meliš’s 80th birthday anniversary points to the selective context of the sculptural and drawing concept, the ability to create new and self-supporting art worlds, strength, expression of gesture, individuality – sculptor’s and sculptural’s visions in such an “intangible” medium as drawing.